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Presacral repeat is always coupled with nearby recurrence inside other areas and remote wood metastasis. For that reason, all of us divide that will into the subsequent Several kinds 1) presacral recurrence along with faraway metastasis; 2) presacral repeat using pelvic walls or horizontal lymph node metastasis, as well as along with recurrence of pelvic organs or anastomosis; and three) straightforward presacral backslide. As outlined by Fc-mediated protective effects MDT examination. We embrace matching treatment scheme and also surgical approach with respect to the varieties mentioned above. While growth recurred in the sacrum and located less than S2/3 articular surface, then resection associated with recurrent tumour combined with sacrococcygeal needs to be the treating alternative. Pertaining to presacral repeat together with anterior invasion, mixed full pelvic exenteration were accessible. Regarding presacral repeat using side to side pelvic wall membrane invasion, inside iliac arteriovenous resection and lateral CX-0903 lymph node dissection and also para-aortic lymph node dissection should be performed. R0 resection may possibly improve the 5-year all round rate of survival of those sufferers.Presacral frequent anal most cancers (PRRC) , involving the actual presacral fascia or/and sacral navicular bone is probably the distinction associated with in your area frequent rectal cancer malignancy. Presacral ligament or/and sacral bone fragments effort as well as posterior fixation create treatment method challenging. Recently, there are numerous studies about the medical diagnosis, surgical treatment along with operative types of PRRC. The main therapeutic principle regarding PRRC is usually to execute significant resection together with blended remedy within the evaluation of the actual multidisciplinary staff (MDT). Among the surgery strategies, ab resection as well as abdominoperineal resection, sacrectomy and also abdominosacral resection will be the frequent medical options for treating PRRC. The latest content said restricted sacrectomy can also bring about very good effectiveness, presented stringent symptoms because of this process. With all the continuing development of non-surgical technologies, the use of laparoscopic technologies within PRRC has become progressively stressed. To conclude, the particular operative theory of PRRC has changed from solely pursuring significant resection in order to getting great efficiency in addition to lowered morbidity together with tailored supervision. In the following paragraphs, your research progress involving surgical methods of presacral repeated arschfick cancers lately are usually analyzed to be able to provide mention of the clinical diagnosis and treatment.Presacral persistent anus cancers which involves the actual presacral structures and/or sacral bone is certainly one subtype associated with locally recurrent anal cancer malignancy. Presacral frequent rectal cancer has limitations posteriorly for the hips on account of presacral fascial and/or sacral bone participation, making therapy Albright’s hereditary osteodystrophy difficult. There exists lack of standardised analysis, treatment as well as operative types of presacral recurrent anus most cancers. The intention of this specific specialist opinion is always to improve the idea of this problem among Chinese language specialists, and aid standardizing diagnosing along with healing methods for presacral persistent anus most cancers.